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Founder's letter #1

My name is Samuel, and I am the initiator of Army of Colors.

Army of Colors is an organization that makes sense. In being so, it is different.

Many companies start with some sense but lose track somewhere on the way to fit in.

I don't feel I have to fit in.

I believe that the minute my offer is just another choice–one of many products–it stops making sense. And the minute I disconnect the profits from serving society, Army of Colors stops making sense.

Army of Colors is parent to many entities in different sectors:


And many more colors to come.

The entities invent concepts and products and operate their units. Army of Colors orchestrates and gives back to society. The one cause I serve is enhancing democracy, and I will come back to this later.

What the sectors have in common are gaps. Gaps that one can hardly see but feel that something is missing. I aspire to deliver products and services that fill what is missing. In the same way, I aspire to give back to society in the areas where it is missing the most.

I focus on the long-term, and I am free to do so.

Army of Colors is privately held and doesn't play the game of embellishing numbers to meet short-term targets.

There is a safe financial pillow dedicated to making sense!


My choices of markets and gaps are bets–very educated but remain bets–. Throughout, Army of Colors is guided by: idealism, effectiveness, and braveness. And you, stakeholders–employee, future employee, collaborator, customer– are betting on my vision, approach, and team.

Everybody knows that the team is everything, yet, most companies use some standard hiring process. But we, at Army of Colors, developed our unique way to curate and keep outstanding technologists and business people who, together, make our “Olympic” team. We look for stars with exceptional expertise and mindset–principled and creative–.

And we reward our stars in a way that makes sense!

We have a salary and a bonus, but the calculation system is inventive. “Market-value” is one part of the compensation, but what stands out is a bonus where we value unrecognized yet effective contributions, e.g., bringing new knowledge, resources, concepts, good mood, being brutally honest (for the sake of the business).

Our business model is engaged in serving society. A share of the benefits goes ultimately to causes enhancing the functioning of democracy. Why democracy? Because it is central to most of the world’s problems. The decision-making structure of our political party system is outdated and can no longer cope with the increasing complexity of technological developments and globalization. 

My role is to keep the direction. I give my promise to keep making sense and to hold our line of effectiveness, idealism, and braveness.


Samuel David

List of ventures:

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